Gas turbo kiln FICOLA for High Temperature

Gas turbo kiln FICOLA for High Temperature


Art. 4319 N° 01 Gas turbo kiln FICOLA for High Temperature

– Second hand machine
– Max working temperature: 1450 °C
– Useful loading capacity : 0,65 m3
– Internal insulation : Class ASTM 30 bricks in hot face +
class ASTM 28 bricks in cold face
– Chimney at the car floor level (said reverse flame)
– N° of cars : 01 on rail wheels (there is available an external rail with
length 3500 mm approx. To be fixed to the ground to extract the cart
and load it )
– N° of burners : 4
– Burner feeding : Natural Gas or LPG
– Combustion fan : 1,5 Kw
– Roof type : Arch roof
– Door type : Flag door
– Gas ramp : Will be supplied totally NEW (on customer request and to
be quoted sepoarately, will be possible supply the kiln equipped with
instruments and gas valves suitable to fire in oxygen reduction
atmosphere, automatically controlled in real time )
– Electric switchboard and firing controlling instruments : Will be
supplied totally NEW
– Useful loading dimension : 700 x 1100 x h 700 mm ‎ (h 900 mm in
roof arch centre ) ‎
– Overall dimensions for transport : 2200 Width x 3700 Depth x
Height 2400 mm

Attention ! The kiln is practically NEW and has only done 5 – 6 test firings in which Graphite was fired. This is why it has a slight dark surface halo on the bricks. It is possible to abrade the bricks very superficially with simple abrasive paper, trial already done, returning to the initial white of the new bricks.

** Dimensions and other specifications listed above are
merely indicative and ,if binding for the customer, should be verified
before the purchase by the customer.